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Are you a soon-to-be-married or just-married couple?
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How it works:

To improve our offering, we want to have 60min conversations with wedding couples.

We will talk about the joys and difficulties of planning a wedding, engaging your guests, as well as reviewing our current offering.

In exchange, you will receive a £50 Etsy Gift Card that you can spend on the independent maker of your choice* 🤗

Use the calendar now to get started!


*Please note, only the first 15 people to book a call will be eligible for the £50 Etsy voucher. We will send you an email confirmation prior to the call to let you know whether you are eligible or not.

Here's Miri & Jono at The National Wedding Show last year!

About us

We are a small team of entrepreneurs with ideas to improve the wedding market. But what is an idea if it doesn't resonate with its audience?

We are convinced that chatting with you will be the key to us being in touch with our market.

We launched our online shop at the beggining of the year 2022.

Oh and by the way, Jono and Miri married three years ago and Maxime is marrying next year 😊

Congratulations on your wedding, we look forward to talking with you and wish you a lovely day.

Miri, Jono and Maxime