About us

It started with our wedding

Jono and I (Miri) Married in 2019.

As with every wedding, the budget was challenging to manage at times. Us both being creative and crafty people, we went DIY for as many things as manageable. Including stationery!

When the time came to decide between paper and digital thank you messages, we were torn. We love the sentimental and keepsake value of a paper card. But we had to share the link to our photo gallery with our guests too, and paper is not the best in that case...

On top of that, we had skipped on the videographer for the aforementioned reasons. But Jono being passionate about "Memory Telling" (aka. Memtell), we had turned our best wedding shots into a narrated video slideshow that we meant to share with our guests too.

So what did we do with all these wishes? Well, we printed a thank you card with links written on it. Not optimal, but the emotion was alredy there...

The quest for the perfect Thank You card

Where we are now

With a lot of passion and some additional team members, we finally came up with a solution that brings tears of joy to our customers. The reason? It brings them and their guests back to a perfect day.

We combined custom-printed cards with QR codes and Augmented Reality. The result:

  1. The guests receive a beautiful card they can hold on to forever.
  2. They scan the QR code inside to view the video, which magically appears on the card, "Harry Potter style".
  3. They continue the journey to the wedding website gallery and can view all the photos in their own time.

The experience uses almost all senses to create surprise, emotions and excitement.

By combining paper and digital, Memtell Cards represent the best of both worlds.

Let's chat!

Whether you are planning your wedding (congrats on the engagement, by the way!), or you are a photographer interested in offering this solution to your guests, we would love to chat with you.

We know first-hand how stressful weddings are and how important it is to be able to trust the suppliers that help you along the journey.

We would love to have you over the phone or a video call.

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