Your Wedding Vision Checklist Part 2

Your Wedding Vision Checklist Part 2

This is part 2 of a two-parts article series. If you haven't yet, be sure to check part 1.

How many days are left till your big day? 90? 365? More? You might not even have started your planning yet or perhaps you’ve almost ticked all your boxes. It doesn’t matter. There’s always time to pause and take a deep breath, step back, close your eyes and envision your big day running smoothly; the way you want it to.

2 years ago, when I was planning Jono’s and my wedding, I had a picture in my head about not only the look but also about the feel of our wedding. This image, my so-called vision, helped me a lot along the way in planning our dream wedding. So, let’s go a step further with your planning and create your ultimate vision for your wedding:

3. Pinterest: The gold mine of inspiration

I’m sure you’re not hearing this for the first time. And perhaps you have already created a beautiful Pinterest wedding board which represents all the nice things you envision for your wedding. As soon as I started thinking about locations, decorations, dresses, make-up, guests presents, games, photography etc., I headed to Pinterest and found the most amazing inspiration.

Within 2 years, I had collected 365 pins (yes, I’m an official Pinterest addict) and to be honest, even though we got married 2 years ago

I still sometimes visit my board and just look at it as it perfectly represents not only my wedding vision but also my style in general

For example, I revisit the board if I want inspiration for our home decorations. I would say creating this board was probably one of the most fun activities I did during the wedding preparation time. Feel free to check my board here and get inspired! Alternatively you can follow Memtell on the different social networks for daily inspiration: Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram

My Pinterest wedding board

My Pinterest wedding board

4. Create a memory by telling your personal story

For us, and I’m sure also for you,

the reason why you want to get married is to celebrate the love you share for each other

You want to share your personal story and invite loved ones to celebrate with you. This is where we get to the heart of your vision. How do you want to tell your story? How should this be represented on your big day? There are so many ways to make your big day personal and to create goosebump moments for your guests.

From personal photos on your invitation cards, to wedding websites, to your wedding speeches and stories about the two of you. Brainstorm with your partner ideas on how to make your wedding as personal as possible and how you want to share the story of your journey to becoming husband and wife. There are so many creative ways to give your wedding a personal touch, and I promise to cover this in my next articles in depth.

But in the meantime, make sure to check our Memtell wedding invitation card designs (link) and get inspired on how to invite or thank your wedding guests in the most personal way. Tell your story and share your love by linking physical wedding cards with a personal video and photos of you. Your guests will be so surprised and touched when they scan the QR-Code on your card.

What video could you share with your wedding invitation? Which photos and stories would make people excited for your big day? Be creative!

What video could you share with your wedding invitation? Which photos and stories would make people excited for your big day? Be creative!

5. Envision your guests’ experience

Have you thought about what your guests might say to you after the wedding?

Of course not, because this is what clearly happens AFTER the big day. You’ll probably hear things like: “This was the most personal wedding I ever went to”, “Your wedding was so warm, I loved all the stories which were shared in the speeches” or maybe “I had so much fun and loved the photo booth and games you guys organised” or “The food was so amazing, where did you order the desserts from???”.

But it doesn’t really matter what people will say about your wedding, because people will love it anyway.

What is more important for your wedding vision and planning is to understand what YOU would like your guests to say

This will give you the focus on where to confidently spend your budget, time and effort and will make both you and your guests happy.

Our wedding guests listening to stories of Jono and me presented by family members and friends.

Our wedding guests listening to stories of Jono and me presented by family members and friends

We at Memtell are here to support you along your exciting journey and our mission is to help you create the most unforgettable and personal wedding you can imagine.

So stick with us and in our next article we will share The art of storytelling at weddings: Our top 10 storytelling ideas!