Your Wedding Vision Checklist Part 1

Your Wedding Vision Checklist Part 1

Jono and I got married in 2019 and I wanted to create a wedding that would represent us.

A lot of research needed to be done, many offers needed to be reviewed, people needed to be involved (above all my partner, Jono 😉) and a million decisions needed to be made.

At times, my dream project was really stressful and planning our wedding was not my full-time job. I was also working 40 hours a week in an agency managing several people and problems, and had a social life and commitments… normal life challenges along the line.

What saved me was to make a wedding vision checklist

So let me share with you my top 5 steps to setting the foundation to help clarify your next planning steps. These tasks helped me create a clearer picture of what I was trying to achieve and gave me the confidence, guidance, and inspiration to create the most personal and unforgettable wedding I could have imagined. 

1. The uncreative tasks: Budget and People

It's the number one question you have to agree on with your partner.

Obviously, your budget and the amount of guests you want to invite will determine what kind of location & service you are going for and which then determines the date. But once this is set, you can start dreaming BIG! No matter if you invite 150 people to a castle, 60 people to Greece or celebrate with 10 people in the garden of your parents’ house. It's not about size, it's about what experience and emotions you want to create to celebrate your love.

Me and my helpers in big wedding Do-It-Yourself mode! 🙈

Me and my helpers in big wedding Do-It-Yourself mode! 🙈

2. What are your partner’s style and taste? And how do you integrate them into your vision?

In some cases, you are the driving force of your wedding project (I certainly was 😉) and your partner may just want the high level view on things. In other cases, your partner will be very engaged and interested in making decisions about details as well and the two of you are in planning mode. No matter what, before you start fine tuning the vision of your wedding,

it's important to understand your partner's style and expectations

The perfect exercise to get started with, is to create your ‘save the date’ or invitation cards together. You might want to configure a personal design online or you have a friend or relative who will design your stationary. Whatever you decide, it's important to understand your partner's taste. This will not only help you with the invitations but also with making further decisions along the way. Let me give you an example of how Jono and I created a style and vision for our wedding together.

Jono is not only an entrepreneur; he is also an artist. In his free time, he loves to create collages with different colours, materials and patterns. I wanted a friend of mine to design our invitation cards so what I did was to send her an example of a greenery card I liked (probably found on pinterest or elsewhere) and additionally made a photo of one of Jono’s collages. She combined the two elements into one beautiful wedding invitation design, which set the theme for our wedding. Jono was happy, I was happy.

You could do the same with your partner’s favourite photo, poster, screen background or whatever. Figure out what your partner visually really likes and come up with ideas on how to integrate your partner's style with your own ideas.

Or you could start by taking a look at our different card designs for inspiration:

My greenery design and Jonos art collage combined in one Invitation Card 😀

My greenery design and Jonos art collage combined in one Invitation Card 😀

Ok, we have just started with building your vision foundation for your wedding. Let’s pause here for a moment, take all information in and make some notes.

In my next article,  we are going to go deep into part 2 of your wedding vision: #3 I will share my gold mine of inspiration, #4 teach you how to give your wedding THE personal touch to make it an unforgettable experience and #5 a little hack on how your vision will help you find the right focus on what to spend your budget, time and effort on.

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