How to film your  wedding thank you  or invitation video

8 Top Tips for Getting the Best Result While Filming Your Wedding Thank You or Invitation Video

Every Memtell Wedding Card links to a unique digital video message made by the couple. This is what makes Memtell cards so personal and special for guests. There are always 3 options to create this message, the first being that you can link a video of the two of you talking to your guests. Secondly, you can create a beautiful slideshow video out of photos (engagement photos, wedding photos etc.) to share your amazing memories. Lastly, you can combine both by showing a slideshow video which is introduced by a personal video message that you’ve recorded.

But remember, there is also a written message in the card, for people who might not be so tech-savvy. In the following article we’ll be focussing on the first part of your Memtell video, teaching you how to create the perfect video message for your guests.

We want to help you make your wedding thank you video or wedding invitation video as engaging as possible, so we thought it would be beneficial to run through some of the most common mistakes. As we’ve said repeatedly, by no means does your wedding video have to be completely perfect. But, we do want to make sure that you create something you are proud to show friends and family. So, let’s get into discussing the video shooting mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.


Notepad laying on a table open on a White Page, coffee and flowers for inspiration

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Reading from a full script will come off as robotic and unauthentic. However, as we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to write some bullet points of what you want to say. Start by saying a quick hello, and then go into the narrative you want to tell your guests. It also might be helpful to have the key details written down, such as the wedding time, date and location (for your invitation), so that you remember to include them within your message. For your thank you video, you can be more relaxed about what you say since there are no important details, but still have an idea of how you’re going to thank guests, and decide whether you want to make any special shoutouts. Finally, print off your notes in a font size that you can read from a short distance. This way, you can blu-tack them to a wall/door behind your camera, so that you’re not constantly looking down at a piece of paper.


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One of the most important things we recommend when filming your wedding video for your thank you or invitation card, is to keep your phone portrait the entire time. Although it might seem more professional to film in landscape, guests will actually be viewing your video in portrait through their mobile phone. So, if you film in landscape mode, your video will appear very small, because it will have to fit the landscape video into a portrait template. This is a very common mistake that stops guests from getting the full Memtell experience!


Young Engaged Couple Filming a Selfie Video For their wedding invitation While Sitting on a couch

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Having great lighting is absolutely essential to creating an incredible wedding video for your wedding thank you or wedding invitation card. If you can invest in a ring light, then this is a really great tool for having perfect lighting at all times. Natural lighting can also do wonders, and we’d actually suggest this over a ring light when the sun is shining! Just make sure that you are facing the natural light with the camera in front of you (rather than having your back to the window). If you want to film outside, this is another great option to capture natural light, however this could cause your audio quality to suffer. So, if you do choose to shoot your wedding thank you video or wedding invitation video outdoors, make sure to stand close to your phone, and don’t film on a super windy day.


Augmented Reality Memtell Weddings Invitation Card Showing a Video from an Engaged Couple

When deciding on the length of your wedding card message, remember that guests have to hold their phone over the card for the entire duration of the video. For this reason, you don’t want to make your entire video more than about 3 minutes long. For the message alone, we suggest that you keep within 1-2 minutes, depending on how much you have to tell. It’s perfectly fine to have a shorter starting message (30-40 seconds) with a longer slideshow of images (of your engagement or wedding etc.), if you and your partner would prefer not to speak for too long. Do whatever works for you, but just remember that you want to engage and excite guests, without taking up too much of their time.


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Your background is completely your choice, but we definitely recommend that you film somewhere with personality. A plain wall does work fine and if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for (e.g. you’re having a very neutral, minimalistic wedding), then it’s not an issue. However, if you can add some character into your background, such as some flowers on the windowsill, a painting on the wall etc. then this definitely adds a personal touch and will make your video message more memorable.

Camera Shot

Left: Future bride holding a phone in selfie mode; Right: Bridal couple laughing and watching each other while phone is set on a tripod

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If you’re wondering where to set up your camera, the best option is to place your phone so that you have, in technical terms, a medium close-up shot. As shown in the left image above, this shot cuts off around the chest area and has a small amount of space above the top of your head. However, if you are filming with your partner in the same shot, you will need to be slightly further away in order to fit you both in. For this, we suggest a mid shot like in the right image. Putting the camera at eye level is recommended, but most importantly, you will need to be close enough for the microphone to have good sound quality.

Filming Options

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Ensure that your camera is set up somewhere that is stable and not likely to fall off. You can prop it up on a table against something with weight (such as a candle, books etc.), or you could invest in a phone tripod/ring light tripod which are priced at about £10-£20 on Amazon. Alternatively, you could ask a friend or family member to film you; preferably someone who you feel comfortable around and who knows how to work a camera! The last option is to order a selfie stick, again priced at around £10, and film with the front camera, holding the stick out in front of you and your partner. Although, this option is definitely less stable, so we highly recommend a tripod as the first option.


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Not sure what to wear? Don’t panic, guests will be too delighted with your wedding video to be interested in your outfit. However, if you feel like you want to add to the atmosphere with your outfit, why not wear celebrative clothing (e.g. a summer dress or a shirt and trousers) to set the tone for your wedding. Your outfit can be smart or casual, and above all we suggest wearing clothes that represent you. The only types of clothing we wouldn’t recommend are stripes or any other bold, distracting patterns. This is because we want the focus to be on your faces, not your outfits!

So, start creating your wedding video now, and remember, it’s all about having fun! Next up, we will be talking all about our Thank You Cards, so you may want to save this page so that you can return after your wedding. Good luck!