Start Writing your wedding invitations

The Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Your Wedding Invitations

Every Memtell Wedding Card links to a unique digital video message made by the couple. This is what makes Memtell cards so personal and special for guests. But, there is also a written message in the card, for people who might not be so tech-savvy. In the following article we’ll be focussing on how to write your wedding invitations. 

So, once you and your partner have managed to agree on a wedding card design, it’s now time for the tricky part; putting pen to paper - or in this case - fingertips to keyboard. You don’t want your wedding invitations to be cringey or cliché, but equally you want them to have that emotional touch. This is where we’re here to help, with our top tips for writing your wedding invitations, including the key things you’ll want to include and avoid.

Things To Plan Ahead

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Start by sitting down with your partner and make sure you are ready to start writing your invitations. You’re going to need to have your guest list planned out already to avoid unnecessary confusion and disagreement, so give yourselves plenty of time to get this done beforehand. Decide how you want your guests to RSVP, and the deadline you are going to give them to respond by. Do not forget to clarify the details of your big day with the ceremony and reception venues. You need to be certain on arrival and departure times so that guests can plan travel, accommodation, and any other responsibilities such as childcare, well in advance. This will help to ensure that your day runs smoothly since everyone is organised, meaning they can relax and just have fun!


What to include on you wedding invitation: who's hosting, request that they attend, venue and location, date and time, reception Information, dress code, RSVP details

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you write a rough draft of the information that you definitely need to include. You absolutely cannot forget to write your names, the date and time, the venue, reception information, and the RSVP details. Anything else you and your partner want to include should be written down in a list so that when it comes to writing your wedding invitation card, you are prepared and won’t leave out any key details. Before you start writing, you’ll also want to decide on your writing style. Are you going to set a formal tone for your wedding invitation or do you want to keep it light and friendly? Have a writing style in mind so that the text stays consistent and you set the right vibe. Our suggestion is that you keep your text to the point but make the wedding invitation card more personal through linking your unique and creative 3D video. If you’re unsure of where to start, our helpful ‘fill in the box’ feature is a great tool for guiding you through. Lastly, you might also want to make sure that your invitations are in first person rather than third person, in order to add that extra personal touch.


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The most obvious mistake that many people are guilty of is leaving their wedding invitations until the last minute. Whilst we understand that it is very difficult to stay on top of everything, the timing of your wedding invitations is perhaps the most important since this determines how many guests will be able to attend. Once you have your date and venue sorted, it is a good idea to get your invitations (or at least save the dates) sent out, to give your wedding the best chance of a high turnout. Another thing we suggest is avoiding sayings that will make your invitations seem boring, generic or cliche. You want to make your invitations fun and engaging, so instead of saying that the evening reception dress code is ‘festive’, use the word ‘glamorous’. Sayings like ‘Party with a purpose’ have been majorly overused and no longer hold much meaning, so instead say something more thoughtful from yourself and your partner. For example, an improved version could be ‘join us as we dance the night away together’, which just sounds that extra bit more personal.

Next steps

Beautiful Memtell Weddings Invitation Card with 3D Video Effect in Augmented Reality thanks to a QR Code

So, now that you’ve written the text, get started by choosing your favourite design and then start personalising your cad using the online wedding card configurator! As a rough guide, we would suggest that you stick within a range of 50-150 words for the entire card. On the front cover, you will have your names or initials incorporated into your chosen design. The inner left page will then feature the QR code which links to your wedding video - you may want to add a line here that prompts guests to scan the code and watch it. The inner right page will be where you feature the bulk of your text, with all the details mentioned above. Finally, the back page is where you have the choice to include what you like; perhaps a romantic quote or religious verse. The back page is also where you write your contact details such as your email, phone number and address, so that guests have a range of ways to RSVP. Remember, if you need any help with the creation of your wedding invitations, just fill out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you.