Looking for a wedding thank you that will really add an emotional touch?

Thank Your Guests in an Extra Sentimental Way with Memtell

Now that you’ve had your big day, you’re probably thinking about the things that need to be done after the wedding. One of the final touches that brings your wedding to the perfect close is your thank you cards. When getting your thank you cards from Memtell, we definitely suggest waiting until after the wedding to design them, so that you can add a gorgeous photo onto the front design.

As well as this, there is more you can do to give your wedding thank you card an extra personal touch. Imagine your wedding card comes to life with a video and beautiful photos from your wedding!? Keep on reading as we explain how you can do this with our 3D wedding video feature.

Phygital (physical + digital) thank you cards explained

Anatomy of a Memtell Weddings Thank You Card with QR code and Augmented Reality Marker to display your video in 3D and link to the wedding photo gallery

Our phygital thank you cards are very similar to our wedding invitations, featuring the same QR code layout that guests can scan to view your video. If you didn’t buy your wedding invitations with us then let’s explain how Memtell works…

Essentially, you can record a personal message on our app, adding images and music, which will then pop up through our augmented reality feature when the QR code is scanned on the card. 

As shown in the image above, there are four different pages of your wedding thank you card to be designed. The front page is your opportunity to show off your favourite wedding photo. You can simply upload your image and scale it how you wish, viewing it exactly as it will show on the real page. On the inside left you have the chance to change the marker icon (here we have opted for the heart), and can write a personal message beneath the QR code. The inside right page is where you add your written note to friends and family, thanking them for attending your wedding and sending your love. You can also leave this side blank and later hand write your message if you feel you want to give it the extra personal touch. Finally, the back page is where you write your contact information, so that people have the option to get in touch. This is important as people may have gifts to send or may want to contact you to send/receive images.

Your thank you cards will be the last thing people remember about your wedding, so you’ll want to make them super special. This is your opportunity for you and your guests to see all your hard work come together, and relive the day one final time!



Matching Classic Greenery Designs for Save the Dates, Invitation and Thank You Cards on our Memtell Weddings website


We have a beautiful thank you card design to match each of our save the date and invitation designs. This means that you can keep your theme consistent, and stick with what you already like. You do still have the option to choose a completely different design if you want to add some variation. If you’d like further customisation, you can get in touch with one of our friendly team members, who will aim to fulfil your request and help you create your dream thank you cards. We can help you to get creative with your thank you cards, perhaps by adding a collage of images onto the front page, or by helping you to write a heartfelt message.


What to write

Woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee writing text thanks to her computer, probably for thank you cards after the wedding

Image by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash
Now that we’re thinking about what to write in your wedding thank you cards, let’s run over the basics. On the inside left page under the QR code, we’ve written “from us to you”. You can stick with something simple like this, or you can make the message longer and more specific (e.g. “Scan to see our wedding photos”). Perhaps you might want to tell guests your favourite part of the day, include an inside joke that guests will understand, or maybe add an inspirational quote. The inside right page is where you want to add the bulk of your text. Here you have the option to add an introduction, which may be where you want to actually say ‘thank you’. There is then a box for the main content and a final box for your names.

You can edit the size and format of your text, however, if you want to customise it further then just let us know! You also have the option to leave the page blank so that you can handwrite your invitations (you can also leave any box blank for the same reason). Whilst writing your thank you cards by hand may be more time consuming, it does add a more personal and authentic feel. If you are sending a large amount of cards, you can alternatively hand write the names of the guests, refer to their present and sign the card by hand in combination with a pre-printed ‘thank you’ text. This saves you time but still adds an extra layer of personalisation.

When to send thank you cards

Married Couple at their honey moon, sitting and kissing at the beach

Image by Joyful Captures on Unsplash

Traditionally, couples jet off on their honeymoon for about two weeks after the wedding. There really is no rush to get your wedding thank you cards out, but we do suggest aiming to send them within about six weeks. People will be understanding and won’t expect to receive a wedding thank you card the second you land in the airport, especially since you will most likely have a lot to sort out after your wedding. However, you don’t want to forget altogether, or leave it so long that guests have completely forgotten too.


Dass and Dan’s Testimonial

If you want to see what makes Memtell wedding cards so unforgettable, go ahead and watch the testimonial from our real wedding couple, Dan and Dass. They explain that their wedding cards were well received with friends and family, with people being excited to show others, and they were even met with a cheer when the video started playing!

To purchase your own special video wedding cards, head over to our thank you card page now and start creating your unique personalised design.