Going on camera: our best advice

Finding The Confidence To Go On Camera For Your Invitation or Thank You Wedding Video

Every Memtell Wedding Card links to a unique digital video message made by the couple. This is what makes Memtell cards so personal and special for guests. But, there is also a written message in the card, for people who might not be so tech-savvy. In the following article we’ll be focussing on building your confidence to go on camera.

A personal video of you as a couple is such a special and unique way to both invite your guests to your wedding, and thank your guests for coming. Your personal invitation video will excite guests for your big day, whilst your thank you video will make guests feel special and appreciated. Couples who are expressive and like to talk will have no problem making super creative videos, and you can see our ideas for wedding video messages here. However, we understand that going on camera isn’t everyone’s forté, especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like public speaking or presentations.

For couples who are more camera shy, Memtell offers a unique way to upload photos to the app, creating a wedding slideshow with photos of your choice; perhaps highlights from your wedding photography for your thank you cards. But, you can also combine both for the ultimate wedding video surprise. Create a personal introduction followed by an emotional slideshow of your engagement photos, venue photos or wedding photos (depending on whether you’re creating an invitation or a thank you card).

If you want to record a personal message, but find that you’re having trouble getting the wedding thank you video or wedding invitation video that you want, then we’re here to provide you with our top tips for going on camera. After all, we want you to find this fun and not like it’s another wedding planning chore!

Motivating your camera shy partner

Caucasian Couple hugging in the living room while preparing to record a wedding invitation video

Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

You might be raring to go but find that your partner is less enthusiastic. If this is the case, firstly make sure that you give them a good amount of time to record and experiment. It might be best to schedule this in at the weekend, giving yourselves a couple of hours to practise and prepare. If you’re struggling with finding inspiration and don’t know what to say, we’ve recorded an example video to help. The key is to write a rough script, agreeing with your partner on who has each part, whilst also making sure that they are comfortable with everything they have to say. Although, you don’t want your message to sound too rehearsed, so just keep the script to basic bullet points which you can then expand on.

Another good way to get a really genuine, authentic wedding thank you video or wedding invitation video, is to just set the camera rolling and pretend it isn’t there. For your thank you cards, you could talk about your wedding with your partner, telling each other what you enjoyed the most. For your invitation videos, you could have a conversation with your partner about how you met and how excited you are for your wedding. As you ease into the conversation, you might feel more comfortable speaking directly to the camera, which is the perfect time to involve guests and either thank them for coming, or ask them to join you at your wedding (depending on whether you are recording your thank you video or invitation video).

Ways to prepare

Newly Engaged Couple Preparing for a video shoot of their wedding engagement announcement

Image by Alex Starnes on Unsplash

Taking a practice video and watching it back is definitely a good way to see what works well, and what you could change to make it better. You might realise from watching it back that you need to speak louder, be closer to the camera or make other minor changes. But, just remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect; the odd slip-up adds character and realness. If need be, you can record hundreds of times for both the wedding video intro and voice over (in case you use the story or slideshow feature in the Memtell app).

Another way to prepare that will give you both a bit of a giggle is to do some pre-recording exercises. We know this might sound silly, but having a sing-along together or playing a simple game (i-spy, 20 questions etc.) in front of the camera might actually be really helpful in getting yourselves used to it being there. It will also be great to prepare physically, to give you more confidence in front of the camera. Make sure you’re wearing an outfit you like and feel comfortable in, and get ready as if you are about to go out to meet friends. This way, you’ll hopefully watch the video back and feel happy with how you look, which will lessen the time you’ll spend doing retakes.

For more advanced users

 Young Woman Setting up for a smartphone video shoot with a great light and decor

Image by Anna Nekrashevic on Pexels

If you’re looking to make your wedding thank you video or wedding invitation video slightly more advanced, we have a few great suggestions of how you can do so. If you think you want to give editing a go, you could record different sections at a time and edit them together. This will give your wedding video a more clean and professional style, since you can cut out any pauses, stutters, or repetitions. There are plenty of different apps you can use, but a few free ones we recommend are Splice, iMovie and Videoleap.

Alternatively, if you find editing to be a bit too complicated, there are other ways you can make your wedding thank you video or wedding invitation video that extra bit more advanced. If you record on your phone, you can add filters, edit the brightness or saturation, and crop the wedding video all from your camera roll. Another way to make your wedding video look great is to invest in a ring light, which comes attached to a tripod. This will not only make your video have great lighting, but it will ensure that the camera is static and securely attached. You then also have the choice to film wherever you want, since the ring light can be used anywhere with a plug socket nearby.

We hope that these suggestions have put you at ease before filming your wedding video message. If you require more help, remember you can always fill out our online contact form to have a chat with one of our friendly team members.