Not sure if you want a digital or physical wedding invitation?

Digital vs. Physical: How Memtell Wedding Invitation Cards are the Best of Both Worlds

In a world where everything is digital, you may be unsure as to whether you want to incorporate technology into your big day. Wedding invitations, one of the very traditional touches of the entire experience, can now be made digital with Memtell. A lot of couples use the advantages and flexibility of digital communication for the wedding. For example, sending out e-cards, setting up a wedding website or using e-mail or social media groups to communicate.

However, a lot of couples still love the traditional touch, because feeling the excitement of opening up an envelope with a wedding invite still has a different feeling and value compared to receiving an email with an invitation. That's why with Memtell wedding cards, we combine the traditional wedding invitation card with a digital surprise. Each card displays a unique QR code beside the written text, which makes it possible for your wedding guests to watch a more personal video invitation using augmented reality.

The Memtell Wedding Card Solution

You might be thinking that a digital video is actually less special, since you want your guests to have the physical souvenir. Well, this is where Memtell provides the perfect balance because the invitations are still sent as physical cards which can then be scanned to watch the video. A personal video is a fantastic and super personal way to surprise and invite guests. By sharing this on a physical greeting card, it gives your invitations even more personality and uniqueness (in comparison to sharing it on Whatsapp, for example).

Whilst granny might not be able to access the video, she can still read your endearing message in the card. Equally, your teenage nephew may not be interested in reading the card, but he’ll be super engaged with your personal Augmented Reality video message. Our main goal is to create fun and excitement, which is a great way to have people anticipating the actual wedding event!

So, if you’re trying to decide whether Memtell is for you, here is a summary of the differences between digital and physical invitations, and how they merge together with Memtell.


Physical invitations are a beautiful way to make your guests aware of your wedding, giving them a keepsake that they can hold onto forever. They might even put it on their fridge so that they can see a constant reminder of the date. Although the custom of sending letters has pretty much died down in modern society, weddings are one of the remaining events in which written invitations are still really important to everyone involved.

Whilst a physical invitation can be more emotional, it is also easier to keep and won’t get buried in your camera roll or lost in hundreds of emails or messages.

Physical invitations also give you and your partner an opportunity to express your personalities and create something that reflects the aesthetic of your wedding. For example, if you’re planning on having a minimalist wedding with lots of green ivy, you could choose the greenery design to set the theme beforehand. The possibilities are endless since you can create your own personalised design with Memtell.


 Digital and Physical, Memtell Wedding Invites have it all. Receive a card, scan the code, view the video and click on the link!


When sending your wedding invitations, you obviously need to consider the important people in your life and their ability to use technology. Using digital applications isn’t for everyone, which is why Memtell makes it super simple. All you have to do is scan the qr code in your camera roll and your video message will pop up. There is no need to download any apps or search for any websites, so even people who struggle with technology can navigate their way through. Aside from this, there are so many benefits to digital video invitations that really add that extra emotional touch.

When you record your personal video message on the Memtell App you can change it at any time which allows you the flexibility to update your guests. You can introduce your partner to guests who may not have met them before the wedding, in a way that is much more personal than just a word on a page.

The video can capture raw emotion, laughter, and all the joy you want people to feel about your wedding; which is much more difficult to portray through the written word.

Your Memtell invitation might also be a good way to send out gift lists, as you can describe what you want in more detail to your friends and family. Your video can act as a reminder for the big day, giving you a way to make sure your guests are better prepared with details of transport, logistics, outfits and more.

Digital invitations compel your guests to respond and RSVP much sooner. You can put a link that guests will use to RSVP, making it super easy and simple. There is an option to link to your personal wedding website, or have a link which opens up an email window with your email address. This is especially useful for appealing to younger audiences who, let’s be honest, might not actually know how to send a letter!

The Best of Both

With the combination of video, images, music and text, Memtell is the perfect wedding card solution. You can have completely customisable wedding invitations both with your card design and video, adding so much personality. Your invitation will be unique and memorable which guests will absolutely adore! If your wedding invitations are a big hit (which they definitely will be) then you can also have a video message in your thank you cards, where you can showcase some of the precious moments of your wedding. People will have these digital keepsakes forever and can then post them to social media to celebrate and show off your big day!

So, head over to our wedding invitations page now to start by choosing your favourite wedding card design and make your customisations.