How to Make your wedding invitation cards stand out

Add a Creative Touch to Your Wedding Invitations With Memtell

Every Memtell Wedding Card links to a unique digital video message made by the couple. This is what makes Memtell cards so personal and special for guests. But, there is also a written message in the card, for people who might not be so tech-savvy. In the following article we’ll be focussing on how to create your wedding invitation video.

If you’re now at the stage where you’ve ordered your wedding invitation cards, it’s time to get inspired to create your special 3D video message. Here you’ll discover how to use videos and images as a fun way to build excitement and set the tone for your wedding. We have a range of adorable ideas that you can implement into your video message to kick off your wedding with joy and delight. This may even be the first time you introduce your partner to some of the wedding guests, so you’ll want to make sure it’s super memorable.

Tell Your Love Story

Whether you met at work, out at a bar, or even on Tinder, your love story is perfect because it brought the two of you together. An endearing way to involve your guests in your wedding story is to take them on the journey of how you and your partner met, and how that led to where you are today. This is sure to raise emotions, especially in those who might be mentioned in the message. This is also a really sentimental account to have and keep forever, which you can hopefully look back on together one day.

Announce Your Engagement

Newly Engaged Couple Hugging after Proposal

Image by Natalie Runnerstrom on Unsplash

If you’re a more private couple or you have only just said ‘yes’, then this might be a great way to announce to guests that you’re engaged. Watching this in our video wedding card is definitely sure to create shock factor, and means that you can tell everyone with the same message instead of having to repeat the story over and over again. If you have images or videos from your engagement, this would be a great way to exclusively show them off before they’re put onto social media. People will be desperate to see the ring, so again this is your chance to show it off!

Incorporate Your Culture(s)

Different Cultures, Different Weddings, Two Indian Women Holding Hands during A Ceremony

Image by Jayesh Jalodara on Unsplash

If you’re someone who holds your culture or religion close to your heart, the wedding card video could be your chance to start incorporating it into the big day. Perhaps you want to reach out to find the perfect ‘something borrowed’. Or for any Aussies out there, you may be wanting to enlighten guests on unity rocks so that they can prepare them beforehand. Whatever cultural touches you have in mind, you can add these to your wedding video to make it all the more personal and special to your guests. Since cultural ceremonies can often take place over various different events (for example a Hindu wedding usually has a fire ceremony, a mendhi night, a haldi night, a ceremony and a reception), your wedding video card can be the perfect platform to explain the plan to guests who aren’t familiar with your culture.

Display Your Wedding Destination

An Altar for a Wedding Ceremony at a beautiful sandy beach

Image by Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash

Getting married somewhere tropical and exotic? Or perhaps even on a snowy mountain? If you and your partner are having a destination wedding abroad then you definitely want to announce the location in a fun and special way. After all, you’ll only get to do this once! Keep the mystery going whilst planning and then have the final reveal in your wedding video card. This way, you can include some stunning photos or videos of the location as well as logistical details such as travel dates. You could even use the wedding video card to plant hints and leave your guests to piece the clues together. 

Reveal Sneak Peeks

Beautiful Roses Bridal Flower Bouquet

Image by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

Another fun way to introduce guests to your wedding is to reveal some of the gorgeous details. Guests will be all the more excited for your wedding day if they’ve seen a taste of what it will all look like. You could show sneak peeks of the venue, food, florals, cake or anything else that you’re super excited about. This will bring the idea of your wedding alive to guests, ensuring that they definitely won’t forget about your big day! It could also be a good way to show the aesthetic of your wedding so that guests have the option to plan their outfits accordingly.

Announce Your Elopement 

Young Interracial Couple Lovingly Touching Heads during Elopement Wedding Ceremony

Image by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Announcing your elopement can be nerve-wracking but with our wedding video card you can make sure that your friends and family still feel super involved. You can include a personal, heartfelt message that will make everyone feel included in your love for each other, without having to actually be present at the wedding. You can then announce the details of your reception or elopement party so that guests can be prepared to celebrate with you after learning of your recent marriage. If you have any videos or images from the elopement, this is a guaranteed way to get people hooked.

Get Creative


Finally, you can use the wedding video card for whatever you wish; perhaps you might want to incorporate a special passion that you or your partner have. Or, perhaps you have a certain story, poem or letter you want to read out. One couple in the past have even created a stop motion video which was a fantastic way to engage their guests! 

Couple taking a selfie

Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Whatever you decide to include in your wedding video card, we’re sure it will be amazing. The possibilities are endless, meaning that you can choose what feels right for you and your partner. All you’ll need to do is upload a video using the app and it will automatically play on all of your cards. You can also change the video content at any time, giving you an unlimited amount of times to film. So, go ahead and start thinking of ideas to create your perfect wedding video now and then upload it using our simple three step process.