10 ways to share your love story at your wedding part 2

10 ways to share your love story at your wedding part 2

This is part 2 of a two-part article series, be sure to read part 1 first

Storytelling is a good way to break the ice and allow your wedding guests to learn a little more about who you are and the journey of your relationship so far. If you’ve been together for a while, chances are some of your guests might not even remember how you guys met or where it all began!

Storytelling allows both you and your guests to take a trip down memory lane

In our last newsletter, we started sharing our top 10 ideas on how to create an unforgettable wedding with storytelling. Today in part 2, I want to share another 5 concepts on how to engage your guests with personal storytelling ideas on and after your big day:

6. Fun wedding games and activities to tell your story

It's no secret that wedding traditions vary widely across the world - for example, in Germany, games are a key element of the wedding reception, as they help guests get to know each other better. In Ireland, they don’t need much help getting acquainted - a few pints, and the guests are all best friends! - but this doesn't mean they don't play games.

Wedding games are entertaining, break the ice, and could help your guests learn a little more about your story as a couple or a person. Here are two game ideas:

  • If you are going to organise a photo booth, prepare little cards with sentences like “I have played football with Jono” or “I went skiing with Miri” and distribute them to the guests eg. as an activity during the day or while the party kicks off. Your guests will have to find a person who has done that activity with the bride or the groom and then take a photo with them at the photo booth
  • On the tables, distribute questionnaires with “right or wrong” questions about the couple. For example, “Miri and Jono met in Australia for the first time” or “Jono proposed in a rowing boat”. The guests then have to tick “right” or “wrong” on the sheet and the couple can reveal the answers after the wedding speeches and give away a prize to the person with the most correct answers. This is a fun and engaging way for your guests to learn stories about your life.

A photo booth at a wedding

7. Your wedding stationery can tell your stories

For sure you have been to a wedding or heard stories about weddings where the father or mother starts presenting a slideshow with embarrassing naked baby pictures of the bride and groom and have everyone laughing 😄

This is a really nice and engaging way of telling stories. But some of you might want to share memories in a less spotlight-oriented way.

A nice idea is to prepare in advance of the wedding a video containing a slideshow with stories narrated by family and friends

You can then print QR codes with the link to the video on your wedding stationery. Be it the menu, the name cards, posters etc.

When guests scan the QR code they will be able to watch the video on their mobiles while waiting for their main course and have a bit of fun 🙈.

With our Memtell App you can create narrated video slideshows within a few minutes for free. Download the Memtell App, upload up to 9 photos and record the story behind the photos. You can also add nice music and upload an intro video. Create a QR code out of the video link and print it on your wedding stationery. Done!

The Memtell team is happy to support you with this.

Personalised Stationery Items That Tell a StorySource: Pinterest

8. Let your guests share their stories & memories of the two of you

Why not let your wedding guests share some of their great stories and memories they have of you with the two of you?

A cool idea would be to print little postcards or a guest book with QR codes on it. Instead of just writing down some nice wishes for you as a couple, the guests could simply scan the code and with the Memtell App upload a memorable photo they have with you and record the story to it. In the end, you have a beautiful collection of mini-videos and recorded memories all collected on little postcards or linked to a guest book.

These little memory videos produced with the Memtell App by your guests are an extra special and personal souvenir of your big day. It’s something you can revisit and enjoy after the wedding anytime.

We at Memtell are in the process of developing these types of wedding stationery products. If you are interested in this idea for your wedding, just talk to us and become part of the first product testers.

We are always interested in your feedback and happy to develop very personal products for your wedding based on your wishes and needs.

Time Capsule at the Wedding

9. A special wedding guest gift

There are many creative ideas for little thank you presents your wedding guests can take back home with them as a little souvenir. From little plants, jams, art pieces, gin bottles, etc. personalised with the name and wedding date of the couple.

You can make these presents even more personal by adding a little video message via QR code printed onto the label of your present

Shoot a video with a thank you message and explain why you have chosen this particular gift as a thank you. What does it mean to you? Is there a story behind it?

This kind of narration and storytelling will give your gift a very personal touch your guests will love. We’ll be happy to support you with these kinds of personal wedding guest gifts. Don’t forget to look at our fantastic Memories QR code sticker sets.

You can be creative and stick a sticker on a greeting card, gift bag, gift label, champagne bottle, etc. and each sticker can link to a personal video recorded for a specific guest you want to say a special thank you to (eg. mum, dad, best man, bridesmaids...).

If you want to place a large order for your wedding, let us know and we'll give you a discount!

Gift Bags For the Wedding Guests

10. Share amazing memories with your thank you cards 

Last but not least, the wedding day itself tells an amazing story thanks to all the photos and videos collected. Instead of sending a thank you card with only a few photos printed on it, why not make it an amazing surprise by bringing them to life in an emotional slideshow video attached to your card?

With our Memtell thank you cards, your slideshow will be displayed in 3D on the card and will give your guests the feeling of being right back at your wedding.

Your guests will open the card, scan the QR code, and instantly remember the joy of your big day. Imagine the smiles on their faces. The perfect surprise after the wedding. Goosebumps guaranteed 😍

A Wedding Invitation Card Opened by Guests

If you are interested in augmenting your wedding cards or stationery with personal videos and stories of the two of you, you will love our next newsletter: Aiming to shoot a perfect video of the two of you to announce your engagement or invite people to your wedding can be a big challenge as you want the outcome to be perfect.

In our next newsletter, we will teach you how to story tell with videos. How do we create an unforgettable video for our guests? How do we get them excited about our big day and RSVP? What should we wear? How about the lightning? Should we be reading the text or speak freely? How do we tell our story in a creative and fun way?

Stay tuned, we will answer all these questions 😉

In the meantime, if you are interested in our wedding products and need some help thinking through some ideas, drop us a line! We are here to consult you for free! Our mission is to support you in creating an unforgettable and personal wedding experience!