10 ways to share your love story at your wedding part 1

10 ways to share your love story at your wedding part 1

What has storytelling to do with weddings you might ask yourself? Well, when you look at life everything is a story and one very important part of your life is your love story.

Personally, I think storytelling is also an opportunity to set the tone for your wedding and get your guests excited about the approaching big day. You can find your own style and give your guests some insight into your relationship, either in a romantic, funny or surprising way:

There are no limits to creativity, and storytelling is also a perfect way to connect with people

Remember there might be some guests from your partner’s side who you may not have got to know yet, vice versa. For example, work colleagues, old school friends or relatives who you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet and socialise with in person.

So, I am super excited to start sharing our top 10 ideas on how to create an unforgettable wedding and engage your guests with personal storytelling before and on your big day:

1. Invite your guests in a personal and unique way

Why not start your wedding with a personal story about how you guys met?

Record a video and tell your wedding guests your engagement story and why you are so excited about celebrating with them. Share some photos of special moments you have experienced together with nice background music or narration.

Your little unique wedding invitation video can then be linked to a QR Code on your wedding invitation and can pop up out of your card in 3D thanks to Memtell. For the full service just check our unique Memtell wedding card designs and create a storytelling wedding invitation card your guests will never forget.

2. Have a personal and fun “About us” section on your wedding website

In case you have decided to create a wedding website, it's important to know that it doesn't only need to be used for communicating the practical details of a wedding.

It’s also a perfect place to share your favourite memories and milestone moments, while also reflecting your unique personalities and the love you share with each other.

Keep your ‘About Us’ story fun, light-hearted and short and sweet. You can write a text with your partner together or write individual stories from your own points of view and add photos and videos.

3. For social media lovers: Share your love story bit by bit

For those of you who love sharing content with friends and family on social media or have created a dedicated wedding group: A wedding planning phase is a perfect time to create excitement for the big day and share your love story.

You could repost the first photo of the two of you which you shared many years ago. You could share your engagement photo and story. Maybe you are even documenting your journey up till your big day with all the ups and downs and this is a perfect way to engage with your loved ones online.

It’s the perfect time to reminisce together with family and friends over distance and celebrate the excitement of your big day together.

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4. On the big day: Let memories be told

When Jono and I planned our wedding, it was important for us that the wedding speeches wouldn't bore our guests. So, we came up with the idea of asking our close family and friends to tell a memorable mini-story about us.

By the reactions of the listeners, everyone enjoyed those little anecdotes which also brought a lot of laughter. Not only our friends enjoyed the stories but we did, too.

It was so nice to see how much effort our family and friends put into drafting these little stories and it gave the wedding the personal touch we were looking for.

Little anecdotes told by family and friends during the wedding ceremony

Little anecdotes told by family and friends during the wedding ceremony

5. Photo Display Now

Let’s get into the wedding decorations: There are so many beautiful ways to add a personal flair to the room. We love the idea of photo displays with printed photos of you and your partner.

From childhood memories to teenage years, to the rebellious times, bad haircuts 😅, your first big achievements, world travels and memories of the day you guys met.

There are so many nice impressions a photo display can give to the wedding guests and it’s an amazing way to tell your story

You can even stick our Memories QR code stickers next to the photos which might reveal an interesting story and let your guests scan the code and listen to you telling it. Maybe it's a photo of you guys climbing Mount Everest or moving into your first flat together and you telling the story of how you conquered this experience together 😉

Your guests will love this personal way of storytelling at the event.

Photos bride and groom displayed at the wedding (Source: Pinterest)

Photos bride and groom displayed at the wedding (Source: Pinterest)

What is more important for your wedding vision and planning is to understand what YOU would like your guests to say.

I hope you got some inspiration from some of our storytelling ideas for your wedding and that you especially enjoyed part 1 of our “top 10 ways to share your love story”.

In our next article, we will share more ideas on how you can engage your guests with more personal stories at the wedding and how you can use beautiful wedding memories for your thank you messages and cards.

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